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Listen Up!

FINALLY! I saw a consultant last week (after God knows how many doctors appointments) and after talking about my symptoms I have had since early teens (now 23):

- Extremely painful & heavy periods

- Clotting

- Painful bowel movements 

- Retrograde menstruation - this was a rushed to hospital incident 4 years ago

He put my name straight down for a laparoscopy! My man had endo, 3 of her sisters and her mam so it will be interesting to see what the lap shows! I will keep this post updated for help&advice to an y one who feels they're at a dead end with their doctors or just advice in general 😆


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Hi I'm the same, I'm absoutly done in now with everything I'm going to my GP and not moving until I get seen to its gone on long enough, and I'm sick of getting fobbed off saying it's nothing or hormonal I shouldn't have to put up with the way I feel, horrendous cramp horrendous period bleeding, bleeding inbetween periods, lose of bowel movements back pain and pain after sex what feels like period pain but thousand times worse and I get bad cramp anyway and I've been trying to conceive for 2 years nearly with my partner and nothing has happend so for me being 22 that's not normal I'm going to demand to get referred xx


Hey, it's awful isn't it and I am sorry to hear about your issues with conceiving. I got to your point where I was sick.of being fobbed off - all that pain we have to endure is far from normal! So like you said, I demanded to get referred and am now looking forward to this lap as I hope it will do something for the pain! I really hope you manage to get sorted! Xx


It's a total nightmare you know your own body I'm not by any one standards medically trained but putting that aside you know In your self somethings up! My mams a nurse and she thinks it's something to do with this, so I've wrote down all my symptoms for the GP to look at so I don't forget any and I'm not going to move until I get seen to. It's so easy these days just to not get it checked out and say something easy, when you went to docs what did you say to get a referral ? I was in hospital couple weeks ago and said my pelvic was inflamed and then sent me packing .. Like come one ?! Then tried to blame it on my ibs and said go back to my GP it's disgraceful I know in my heart of hearts it's something to do with this! I hope you get what your looking for aswell Hun nothing worse Than trying to get through to people and people looking at you as if your daft or a over dramatic !! Xx


Writing down your symptoms is a good idea - I forgot to do that as I have so many! Yes, be stubborn about it and do not move, they can't not refer you and like you said, it's your body! When I got rushed into hospital for retrograde menstruation(womb bleeding back into the body) - they washed all the blood out then when I came round they told me "it was one of those things" - i'm no medical expert either but anything that bleeds the wrong way is definitely not normal!

When I went to the doctors I had a bit of a breakdown, explained everything (again) to a different doctor and requested a hospital referral - I explained that the pain was becoming too much (I have to take 3 codeine to make it go away) - he eventually agreed and then I had my consultation last week.

The consultant looked through my doctor history and didn't even have to examine me - he just knew straight away it was endo related. That in itself was a relief. 

And thank you! You're right, there's definitely nothing worse when nobody listens and it is so annoying!! 



Awww I feel relief actually for you and it's not even me !! Because I know how frustrating it is I'm glad for you hopefully il have some good news when my appointment comes next weds and hopefully they'll refer me I've been to GP to many times now and hopefully il get to the bottom of it, il keep you updated 😊 It's like trying to get blood from a stone !! But I think when you hit that breaking point you don't care and just let it all out how you feel only can take so much ! Xx


I hope you do too! Just don't take anything for an answer unless you're happy with it! I hope for your sake the sooner you get sorted the sooner you can have a baby! I don't want children just yet but fertility was one of my concerns - the consultant explained that having a laparoscopy will not only sort out the endometriosis but will also help sort out any fertility issues - so if you are offered a laparoscopy then my advice would be to say yes :) xx

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I would snap my neck to have one if they offer me one if I know it can get sorted and my ferocity AOK then my mind will be at ease more  but not only about children it's the pain and pressure it puts on my relationship because I'm always loaning but I don't moan for anything hope we all get sorted we need to report back and you need to tell me how the OP goes once you have it xxx


Hey! Hope you're well! Just to let you know I am having my OP (laparoscopy and hysteroscopy) this coming Wednesday :) I honestly can't wait! Xxx


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