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ENDOMETRIOSIS: 1 in 10 - Interviewee's Wanted for Short Documentary

ENDOMETRIOSIS: 1 in 10 - Interviewee's Wanted for Short Documentary

Hi everyone!

My name is Alice and I’m a London based director at University of Arts London (UAL) currently working on a short documentary called Endometriosis: 1 in 10; exploring life with the condition. We are looking for women to be a part of our film, to share their stories with us; to talk to us about life with the condition, about the journey to getting a diagnosis and how life has changed post-diagnosis.

I’ve suffered with this condition for 5 years, I got my diagnosis following a laparoscopy in January of this year. I feel lucky to have got it caught that quick on the scale of things. Although my experience with this condition has been treacherous, effecting every part of my life and feeling like nobody could really understand what it felt like. Why is the story so similar, time and time again?

My main goal in making this film is to raise awareness for this condition. Within the film I want to breakdown endometriosis into three parts; pre-diagnosis, diagnosis and post-diagnosis. Exploring the technicalities of the disease and how it can effect every aspect of your life from sex to relationships to work, in a way that will help people understand it better. 

I’m making this film with the support of Endometriosis UK; a wonderful charity that provides important support services and reliable information. We will also be talking to them about their work and how they provide a community for those affected by endometriosis.

If any of you would be interested in being interviewed about your story, living with endometriosis, or have any questions, please get in touch. My email is alicerudwick@hotmail.co.uk. 

We will be shooting in London, and the shooting week would ideally be on the 24th to the 27th of May 2016. 

Best Wishes, 

Alice Rudwick 

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I'd love to get involved; I live in Dorset but travel to London regularly (sort of) to see mother, etc, and am next due up there on Saturday 28th May so I guess I can't be interviewed. I'm 42 and have been suffering since I was around 12 so just shy of thirty-one years of pain, treatment, surgeries, miscarriages, depression, etc. It also had a huge impact on my career meaning I had to change from practitioner to researcher. Good luck with it....it will be nice to see some public awareness videos out there and maybe the BBC or other news organisation can pick up the story too!


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