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Two things. If you are on hormones of any type check your boobies and consultantttt I have a massive list of questions thanks to you babes

Firstly if you are on any form of hormones please check your boobies.

 If it doesn't feel right have it checked straight away.

 But wait for the gp to close the blinds before you take your top off especially when the builders are in their van... On break.... It's frosted not mirrored glass (Yesssss I did it... I accidentally flashed the builders) 😳😱😳🙄.... 

Also thank you all so much.

 I have an appointment with my consultant and every little bit of help you have given me is on a list and I am not budging without an answer or a referral to a specialist centre. 

Seeing as I am the last appointment of the day he will get bored before me. 

Thank you you fabulous group of strong ladies. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Oh thank you...I'm not having a brilliant day today but you made me laugh...!! Good luck with your appointments!


Think I brightened up the builders day too 😳🙈. Sorry you are having a bad day. Sending you hugs x


lol. i did that too at my last op. the nurse asked me to change into my gown so i pulled the curtains around my bed, stripped off, then turned around to see someone looking at me through the window opposite 😁 always check the blinds!!

hope u manage to get some answers at your consultation. have u got to wait long?


31st may so not too long. Xx 

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