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Should I go ahead with Laproscopy

Hi I have been booked in for a Laproscopy for May 20th, my Gynaecologist isn't sure if I have endometriosis or not, my main issue is horrendous ovulation pain which will go on for 3-5 days, I also get painful periods and pain during sex but these are minor compared to the pain I get with ovulation. I'm not sure whether it is worth going through with the lap, firstly I may not have endometriosis and if I do, what will they do? And is it long term cure, does it not grow back? What is the recovery like?  I have 2 young children and my husband works away a lot, so could make things difficult if the recovery is long. Sorry for the rambling post. Thanks in advance for your replies.x 

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Hi, I think you should go for the lap 100%! It's the only way to know for sure if you have endometriosis or not. An ultrasound or MRI can not always pick it up. If you have it, they can manage your symptoms with hormonal treatment and excision surgery to remove it. Yes it will most likely come back, mine comes back every 18 months. I've  had 3 surgeries to date and I'm 29. I am due another surgery too. There's no cure but if you have a diagnosis you can look at treatment to manage your pain, that can be medical or alternative treatments like anti estrogen diets, Accepunture etc. 

Everyone with endometriosis is different but I have horrific pain around ovulation, which also lasts up to 5 days. I also have pain during sex and painful periods but  at the moment my ovulation pain is by far the worst! 

If the surgery is just to diagnose you, i.e an investigative lap, you will recover very quickly. The doc will usually make two or three incisions on your stomach. I would say you would have fully recovered in 7 days, after first 3 days, you will feel much better. Just bruised and sore around incision marks. 

I hope that answers some of your questions! 


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