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Hello . I am new here , I want to share with everybody about this pains am going thru, I been diagnosted with Endometriosis, I am in constant pain, in my back, legs , pelvic, cant sleep, I had Mirena fitted in for one year , which made my belly look like I was full month pregnant plus made me bleed for one year non stop ,not sure wht doctors are planning to do next and if any others solutions to deal with pains and discomfort that I am living for so many years , please if you have any solution I would appreciate, thank you so much :)

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Hi , have you had excision to remove the endo?


Hi jean, thank you for replying to my comment :) , no, not yet , been given some medication, didnt help feel very ill, mirena coil, made feel sick, bled for one year non stop, made my tummy hurt even more and got very bloated, had ultransound made two months ago, had hospital appointment, but been  cancelled because of doctors strike, not sure what next, but this last three years been living in hell !! :(


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