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Mystery abdo pain during period

Hi, I am new and just want to share my experience to see if anyone has any ideas.  I am 43 and was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in 1996.  Over the past year or so I have been getting pain in my right upper abdomen (below the ribs)  This occurs during my period but is definitely not the same as period pain.  The pain is made worse by breathing or moving in bed.  It has been bearable and I have just assumed it was my Crohns and have upped my Crohns meds when it has happened and then it has gone away after a few days.  

Last time I got my period, the pain was horrendous and OTC pain meds made no difference so I went to A&E where they gave me Codeine and Morphine which also didn't help.  I was admitted to the AMU overnight and given fluids.  Blood tests and X-rays ruled out a Crohns flare and the surgeons ruled out appendicitis.  I have had a Ultrasound this morning as they thought it might be gallstones but that was clear.  Can endometriosis be seen on an ultrasound scan?

My question is can Endometriosis cause pain in this area?  I don't have pain at other times, sex is not painful.  I do get some bleeding mid cycle which is my only other possible symptom.  I have an appointment with my GP on May 5th and I would like to try and go with some information if it is possible.  I am not sure what else it may be!

I am keen to get to the bottom of it as I am self employed and another incident like the last one could lose me a lot of work.  Thank you.

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Do you get any shoulder pain with it?


No shoulder pain at all.  Just the really intense pain below the ribs on the right had side.  Breathing in using my stomach is excruciatingly painful


Endo on the diaphragm can cause chest pain but there would usually be shoulder pain with it and endo elsewhere and it would be a fairly rare complication. You can also get endo in the abdominal wall but this would usually be associated with a scar from previous surgery. Endo generally wouldn't show on ultrasound. It is the cyclical nature that suggests something is being stimulated by oestrogen. It is possible that you have endo elsewhere that isn't causing pain but most people would have at least troublesome periods - heavy and painful. Bleeding with ovulation is not necessarily an endo symptom in isolation. However, the cyclical nature of this pain does warrant investigation I think but I doubt whether a general gynaecologist will take it seriously. I think I would get a referral to a specialist centre for an opinion - have a look at my post on how to find one. x


Thank you.  I have started keeping a record of when I am getting bleeding, period pain and abdominal pain to see whether there is any correlation.  I have a GP appointment in early May and I'm going to try and bring my gastro appointment forward from September.  I really need to find out what is causing it because it really does stop me doing anything for a couple of days.  I don't suppose I can go to A and E every time!  I'll have a loo,at your posts.  Thanks again.


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