hi all ove had my marina coil in now for three months not alot of help, still in pain up codeine the pain in my chest has increased and my shoulder pain in getting worse. From my experience with my doctor I don't want to go back I don't feel supported at all. I don't like the coil it made my periods heavier and longer and tmi but the most disgusting black discharge sorry!! I'm trying to bare with it for six months but I hate it. It makes me feel horrible. And it hasn't helped my Endo symptoms at all feeling frustrated. And I don't know what to do about the chest pain and shoulder pain x

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  • Hi - what is your treatment history so far - has it just been based on hormone and pain medications? Have you not had a lap yet?

    Apart from chest and shoulder pain (is that on the right side?) and horrid discharge what other pain symptoms do you get and where in the UK are you?

  • hi, thanks for reply my history, after 7 years of pain and being diagusied with IBS and stress and told maybe it was in my head (lovely) I found out my mother suffered from Endo so crawling back to the docs they finally sent me to a gyne, she told me I had two options the pill (gives me major migranes and felt terrible on it) or zoladex. So I had 3 month of zoladex and then they said I had to be med free for a month to see if my pain came back. Well eventually the zoladex helped and I had six weeks of feweling like a human. So when back saw someone else she said because my pain came back she said that I had Endo but she refuses to do surgery because it grow backs and not a cure!! That day I was in a load of pain I really couldn't focus to argue so then said she would the coil in. I told her I wasn't happy because of the pill and the implant side effects i had. She told me the coil has no side effects because its in the womb and doesn't go into ur blood. So I said yes...tge pain was worse then child birth and I've done that twice!!! And I left. I suffer pain every day of the month it is worse around ovulation and the week before my period and the week after then I'm at my worst. But I only bled for one to two days maxx. Now I'm 10+ and like I said a distgusting discharge. Same amount of pain. The chest pain I've had for a while I did speak to the consultant and she just said it was not a gyne problem!! It started a few month ago it starts in the middle of my chest and then spread down under my ribs and feels like its in my lung then I spreads like wild fore into my shoulders my naproxen helps but I can only have that morning and night I take on a bad fay on average my two naproxen and upto 6 codeine aday as well as paracetomol inbetween all my pain is in lower abdomen lower back thighs my boobs and then chest and shoulders I'm just at a loss xx

  • Hi - where are you in the UK?

  • northumberland

  • Hi - thank goodness for that as in England you can choose where you go for treatment. It sounds to be that you have a good chance of having deep endo that has been left to progress. Your GP sound so totally uninformed about endo. First of all the gold standard of treatment is excision (complete removal) and when done thoroughly that doesn't grow back. This issue is then about whether new endo can form and this is a controversial topic but there is growing evidence that retrograde menstruation is involved in recurrence so controlling periods after excision aims to address this. I'm concerned about the chest and shoulder pain as this can be a sign of endo on the diaphragm which a consultant should.

    The upshot is that you need to be referred to a specialist endo centre and neither a GP or consultant can refuse this. The nearest is at Middlesbrough. Have a look at my posts on how to find a centre, the treatment pathway, rectovaginal endo and uterosacral endo to see what symptoms you identify with.  

  • wow thank you for your reply, more info ive had of a gp, I will certainly look through your posts now I know why everyone says your name, haha. I agree with everything you have said I just wish it will be sorted soon. I am back at the doctors hopefully on Monday to try and get a referral again since the coil has expelled itself from me eek!! fingers crossed thank you gain for your support. I love this forum I would be lost without it

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