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CA125 Test Result and Pap smear test result -Ascus and Endiometriosis

Hi All,I was diagnosed with endiometriosis in dec 2015,totally i have 3 cysts 2 in my left ovary and 1 in my right..the size varies from 6.2 to 2.3 ..my CA 125 test result was 55..MRI scan was done too..I was asked to take vissane  (Dienogest )in the March redid the scan and CA125 after taking the medication for 2 months along with PAP Smear test ...the result of CA125 was 176.6 ,the cyts were slightly reduced but not much and the PAP Smear test came out Ascus  (severe inflammation).I got HPV test today awaiting result after 10 days..Why is my CA result high?

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Your ca125 can be elevated for a number of reasons, endo is known to increase levels also cysts can increase levels.

Try not too worry, mine has been raised on a number of occasions, I am currently waiting on an op to remove a cyst on my left ovary and the ovary itself. 

Hopefully levels will go down once your endo and cysts are under control.

L x 

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Ca-125 is commonly used by Gynae drs to look for signs of endo. A high Ca-125 can be an indication of severe endo, but you can have severe endo without an elevated 125 as well. Its easier to do the blood test and get extra info than just dive straight into the lap


i  have raised levels of ca125 mine last one was 151. i have fibroids/adneymosis/and had a cyst of left overy. just had my las ultra sound and cyst has gone. my gyne told me ca125 can be raised because of the above. i was discharged from her clinic now unless i have any issues in the future. please try and not worry and ca125 can be elevated beacuse of the above and inflamation in the uterus.


Thank you all for the comments..HPV test is negative ..redid CA125 again now it is 300...I am frustrated, anxious. 


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