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Possible Second Lap?

Hi, I had my first lap procedure 2 years ago today after suffering for 18 year and failing to get anyone to listen to me! They  opened me up to find i had severe endo that had tilted my womb and could not be treated by the surgeon that was doing it.. as it needed to be treated by a specialist surgeon! they closed me up and finally took me in 6 months later and the endo was removed.

I thought my 20 years of pain were finally over.... However nothing changed, i went back for my six month check up to be told that the gyno department had done there job by removing the endo as there was nothing more that could be done and i was informed that the pain i was suffering must be constipation! But they would refer me to a pelvic clinic....I walked out feeling totally deflated once again! The appointment then came through another 9 months later to which i was very reluctant to attend but went anyway... I had to go over my 20 year story with yet another consultant... she examined me and  confirmed that all my symptoms were 100% endo and that even though it was removed its a disease that does not stop growing so now i have another 16 mouth build up of it.

They advised me to shut my body down with hormone tablets for six months which i am reluctant to do and having read quite a few posts on this it seems to not make a huge difference anyway?

Sorry about the rant but i am so frustrated, as in this time i have desperately been trying for a baby which im sure a lot of you know is very painful naturally as i constantly have severe pain in my right side. I am now to old to get any help from the NHS and IVF is very expensive.. We decided to do IVF at the end of last year but unfortunately it didn't work and we now need to save again which could take a while!

So after getting that rant of my chest my question is how long after the fist lap did they allow you to have a second one done? as i have an appointment with my doctor on Thursday to discuss my last hospital appointment and was thinking a 2nd op may be the way forward? 

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Hi, sorry to read all this. I have had three laparoscopies in the last 14 months (long story). I also did four months of Prostap injections last October to January. I am very happy for you to message me if you have any questions and i will try and help. Katrina


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