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So many sad story's

It saddens me to hear all your story's !! And how long you all have to wait for surgery in great pain !! You would not treat your dog that way !! My daughter was in great pain for weeks and kept getting the same old story there is nothing wrong your bloods are normal ,  it's in your mind it ibs !!  Blaa blag blaa !!  After many visits to the hospital I decided to go private and we saw a specialist and he was also the nhs guy too he could put her on his nhs  list but it would take 18 weeks  so we payed to get it done a few days later and she did have endo and adhesions and is now feeling much better we still don't have the full report so don't know how bad it was  but that should be at the doctors in a few days  . I don't understand why and how they can treat you like that on the nhs it's shocking .  I hope you all get help soon :( 

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Hi the biggest problem is that GP aren't educated enough on this subject so they don't really know how to put all the symptoms together. It took me nearly 30 years just to get someone to take me seriously, by which time things were so bad I was infertile and needed a hysterectomy (due to adenomyosis). Both ovaries were badly effected and had to go .  Always got told it's just normal for you or it can't be that bad. I know there is a lot of research into trying to find ways of diagnosing earlier but this won't be of any help unless there is more knowledge from a GP in the first place. Hope your daughter is doing well.


Thank you she is doing great for now she had minimal endo and adhesions hopefully thay have got it all but can't help but feel it's a ticking time bomb !! 


Hi I'm glad she's doing ok and hope she remains that way. All the best Jean.


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