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Severe pain on day 9? What's my body up to now!

Hey :)

I had endometriosis diagnosed and excised last August after suffering from incapacitating pain at the start of my period for over a decade, plus a host of other weird gynae problems that were increasing over time. I've been really pleased that the worst of the pain on the first couple of days of my cycle has lessened, and I can function through it now (rather than being stuck in/on the loo for hours!), which is brilliant. However, for the last four months I've had the same sort of pain I used to get on the first day of my period on day 9 of my cycle. This is super confusing, because my period usually stops on day 5 or 6, and my cycle is usually 27 days, so day 9 is rather early for it to be ovulation pain. Plus, it's not one sided, like ovulation pain - it's a really heavy, dragging, crampy pain, low down and central, exactly like my period is starting, just a week and a half late!

I know endo is weird and unpredictable and no one really knows what it gets up to or why it causes half the symptoms it does, but does anyone have an idea of why this might be happening?!

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It maybe could be Adenomyosis? Heaviness is a symptom and the pain can be throughout your cycle not just during your period? Do you have lower back pain and achy bum/legs too? 

I found this article really helpful explanation: 




Thanks for the reply :) but my symptoms don't really fit with adeno, plus I was seen by a specialist surgeon so would have thought he would have picked up on that? The pain I had previously was related to endo in my Pouch of Douglas, and it feels exactly the same as that...it just shouldn't be happening on day 9, or at all since they excised that endo :/


Never mind. It was worth a try 🤗. My endo was in the pouch, vagina wall, bowel and bladder surfaces with some adhesions too. My specialist said endo can be easier to find than adeno as not always visible via  laparoscopy or hystoscopy. I was only diagnosed after an MRI to see if any had any endo nodules, as despite endo excision I still was in pain 3 months later. Luckily no deep nodules :-)

If you don't have the symptoms though, then you're right prob not that. My biggest symptom is feeling like I'm carrying a water melon on top of my bladder and bowels. Feel like I need to go to the toilet all the time, which was how I also felt with endo on my bowel and bladder too. Symptoms are so similar :-(

I hope you find someone with an answer for you. It's just all so complicated. 😳. 



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