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Awful grinding pain last night and all of today :(

During the night when I extended my legs in my sleep I felt an awful stabbing/shooting pain on each side of my ovaries (or where I think they are). Only when I stretched my left leg did the left side hurt and the same for the right. 

Since waking up this morning I have felt regular grinding pains which have continued to come and go all day, they are in next to my left ovary. 

Has anyone had this? Know what it is? Or how to help it go away?

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Have you been checked for PCOS? I have it and I get the symptoms that you are describing. Its hard to diagnose because its due to hormonal levels (which are screwy anyway because of endo!). Pain killers and inform the doctor. You should probably look into hormonal pills too!


Thank you for your reply :) 

I'll speak with my doctor about PCOS when I see her on Thursday. Although I recently (within the last 3 months) had a scan and the only thing found was fluid in my pelvis. x


I have had about 15-20 scans over the last 2.5 years. All of them said I was clear (I have since been told I've now got Stage 2 endo wth second op coming up!). I wouldn't worry about them. Its the physical symptoms that you should stress. Like the stabbing pain and grinding pain; more often than not my left ovary (the  PCOS one) swells and I can feel it under my skin! (Its so totally gross!!) Also the fluid - is that your douglas pouch? Because that is a symptom too!


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