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NHS IVF funding

Hello ladies, I've been accepted for IVF funding on NHS. Today the clinic I've chosen called me and gave me my first initial appointment. And the have sent me some forms via my email to sign it and to send it afterwards. My questions are as follows: 

On one of the form they have sent me it stated ''I acknowledge that in some case the PCT will only fund up to the limit set out in the guarantee letter. Any costs above this will have to be paid for privately (after discussion and agreement)''. Does that mean there's additional payments I will need to do? Furthermore the hospital who referred me for IVF never sent me any letter as evidence that I've been accepted and also how many cycles I will be funded (I was told over the phone that CCG accepted my case and that's all). Sorry for the long questions, IVF is all new to me and hubby. We are both lost at the moment. 

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There won't necessarily be costs that you need to find but some clinics do procedures for private patients (endometrial scratches and the like) that would possibly take you over your funding for IVF paid for by your CCG if they did them for you automatically. I would say it's safe to assume that a regular IVF cycle including drugs, scans and egg collection plus embryo transfer will be covered as they know what they charge for all of that and that amount will be claimed from your CCG. Anything additional that they offer may not be and you don't have to have it although some stuff is worthwhile. 

Hope this helps. In my experience you don't normally get a letter with the funding amount in although it goes in your file. 


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