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Help and advice would be appreciated

Hello it's me again I was just wanting to write this for help and advice. 

If anyone had read my post before hand they will know I have not as yet had an official diagnosis of endo yet. I have had ongoing issues for over 10 years from painful periods right sided pelvic pain lower back pain. ..recurrent uti blood in urine ....painful intercourse and bowel issues also . I have had a huge amount of symptoms.

Finally got referred to my gyn. I have had two previous laps 2008 and 2013 which should no endo but my symptoms got worse 2014 till now. My gyn decided instead of another lap as he is determined I don't have endo I was to be commenced on ovarian ablation (injection to bring on medical menopause) 

I have been on them since Nov 2015 now and they seem to work reducing the pain down a lot but before I got my second injection  it was nearly 3 weeks late and my symptoms returned. Anyway I went to update with my gyn who has decided to keep me on them as it's helped for another year with HRT this time and then explained we might never find out what's wrong but if injections r working we may look at hysterectomy after a year of being on them.  

I was upset at this as I want a diagnosis of what's wrong before they remove everything even tho if it helps with the pain and allows me to get my life back then I'll have it. Anyway just wanted some feed back if anyone else has been through this or similar. I go back in Sept to see him and even tho he is determined I don't have endo I asked for referral to bsge clinic for second opinion.  But he wasn't very happy that I wanted this he started showing me pictures of my lap in 2013 explaining everything was normal and he is experienced gyn and knows made me feel stupid but I've lost trust in doctors anyway.

So sorry for extremely lone post and repetition too . My body feels so strange on HRT tho too I don't know if I'll be able to stay on it even tho it helps with side effects. 

Any feedback would be appreciated sorry again 


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