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endometriosis pain

endometriosis pain

hi all I've got endometriosis back again I had it in 2014 and had an op which they said they had got it all but said it could come back again I'm 29 yrs old and in pain all the time no pain killers work and I've been on the pill and that's not work either. I've got a scan on Thursday this week to see how bad it is but they can never see it when scanning me. I've been told I'm over weight which I'm trying to sort out as we speak. I want a baby but have had 9 miscarriages I feel kinda lost of I don't know where to turn to any1. my boyfriend is there for me but its hard on him as he don't like to see me in pain. some1 please tell me what I should do.  this is my life in bed cos of the pain

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Hi, I am SO sorry you're going through this, I've had 2mc which was bad enough. I'm going to post a list of stuff we tried to do to help ttc but also to calm down my Endo which was going bonkers off the pill (please excuse is copied from an email to another lady - quite a lot to write out again!)

- had a few surgeries/rounds of prostap to treat Endo.

- Endo diet - esp. Cutting out red meat and dairy. Wheat is a tough one - try switching to brown bread and pasta etc. Make healthier choices.


(I think there is a book by Carolyn Levett with recipes and so on)

- lose as much excess weight as poss as fat cells increase circulating oestrogen in the body which stimulates Endo. I tried weight watchers app which was very good. Pain reduced and creates a better uterine environment for embryo implantation when Endo less active.

- acupuncture (fertility specialist)

- both hubby and I cut out alcohol completely and took vitabiotics pre conception vitamins. (Alcohol increases chance of chromosomal malformation and thus mc, also 3-8 wks critical to early brain development in embryo)

- cut out caffeine, discovered peppermint tea fab for Endo

- cut out much of the medication I was taking, this was tough!! Even paracetamol use of 3+ weeks throughout preg is linked to probs in babies (adhd/reproductive system development) So had to do it! Horrible for the first few months, acupuncture, determination and getting preg quickly helped (had 2 mc before successful preg too) 

- bbt tracking, used both my days app and paper tracker (advice and blank chart in link)


We found it difficult to have frequent sex, only 4-6 times per month due to pain at a push. So were strategic! £10 thermometer better investment than ovulation tests - so expensive and I found them to be largely inaccurate.

- you probably have this already (my gp gave me it when ttc)


I hope some of that helps, don't give up hope, you're able to conceive which is fantastic. I'd advise taking it incredibly easy if you fall preg again, my hubby would barely let me out of bed the min I got home in the first 12 weeks. You'll get there xx


thank you applebird I'm trying everything I can at the moment as really wanna baby  


Hi I found out in 2014 I had endo and its started coming back too this year. I'm 29 and I only found out I had endo to start was because I was trying for a baby. So after my op I was told to try naturally but still no luck so was given hormone tables for six months still no luck so was sent to the IVF hospital and today I have had one of my embryos transferred back in the hope of it going to to tearm. All I can say is speak to your GP and explain your wanting a baby but because endo is coming back what can they do. I really hope they can sort it for you fingers crossed x

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You will conceive i am 11 weeks post op from lap and it was a huge shock to find i had endo.

I am resigned to the fact it will come back but you cant let it ruin your chances.

Keep trying dont give up



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