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Checking for your coil strings

I went to see the nurse yesterday to have my stitches out. And started talking about my coil (I've never had one before), and she asked " did they tell you about checking for the strings?"... they didn't, so with her advice I tried 3times last night, and no luck in finding them.

Anyone got any tips on checking for your strings?, i havnt a clue when it comes to down there 😅

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Sometimes you just can't find/feel them. My gyne said that's pretty normal and you'll know if the coil isn't in place properly because you'll have really bad pain.

I can sometimes feel mine if I'm lying down with legs far apart or sat on the toilet (as if I'm putting in a tampon). It's going to sound weird but you literally just need to push your finger in as far as you can and you'll feel something odd - that's your strings! They're not sharp and don't really feel like string or wire, it's hard to explain the feeling but you'll know!


No-one told me either but after having it fitted I read it somewhere. I'll be honest I have never checked mine. Have had a couple check ups where its been checked and all ok.


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