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Endometriosis and the immune system

Hello all, I realise I post in here an awful lot however the advice received is so comforting and really helps me and plenty of others I am sure! I wanted to ask about endometriosis and the immune system. I should probably clarify I have not yet been diagnosed with the disease but all my symptoms point to yes! I was sent home from work yesterday as I nearly fainted in a team meeting. I now have a very sore and swollen throat that hurts when I swallow liquids/I have consistent back ache/my legs keep receiving stabbing pains that are very sharp and hard to deal with/I have completely lost my appetite and have not eaten anything the past two days. I wanted to know if there was a correlation or confirmed yes that endometriosis effects the immune system as I always seem to be poorly every month, if not more! Thank you all in advance for reading this and taking the time to respond, it is always appreciated!

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Yes, endo is an immune and endocrine disorder with autoimmune characteristics. We are familiar with the manifestation of the disease in the pelvis as lesions but there are many unseen symptoms that seem to affect women variably which is likely to depend on a woman's individual immune system. There will often be more infections such as URT infections, allergies and insensitivities that might be to airborne allergens such as pollens, moulds, dust mite, feathers etc, chemicals such as perfumes, paint etc, ingested chemicals such as medicines or even to our own hormones and food intolerances. CFS/ME and fibromyalgia are now formally associated with autoimmunity and CFS/ME is often seen in women with endo. If you google the symptoms of CFS/ME it can be quite a revelation - it involves much more than fatigue (brain fog, dizziness, confusion, headaches, aches and pains...the list goes on). Even more of a revelation is the list of symptoms for chemical allergy - they happen to be exactly the same as those for CFS/ME!!

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Thank yo so much for taking the time to respond, ill definitely google them now! I hope you feel better soon


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