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Endometriosis Diet?

Hello everyone!

Please can you tell me what foods trigger the Endo and cause the pains? I would also like to know what foods seem to reduce the pains? I am struggling knowing what the best foods are to eat that don't cause me a lot of pains afterwards so I'd like to know ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Thank you in advance!

Rebecca x

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Different foods affect different people.

I find that dairy and wheat cause me to bloat and have pain as well as others.

Have a look at the FODMAP diet, it's for Ibs but it can help with different food groups and what can aggravate your stomach xxx

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Thank you Jade. Sometimes its annoying thinking about what you can and can't eat. And I will have a look. There are so many helpful people on this forum xx

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Sugar is really linked to my pain so I avoid it as much as possible. I also avoid wheat, caffeine and anything processed really. I eat a lot of fish, vegetables, eggs, lentils, quinoa and drink lots of water and peppermint tea! I have started being really strict again recently as I'd slipped into eating everything again and ive seen a massive change in energy. Hope that helps


As has been said here, it's different for every woman. I tend to react bad to red meat, caffeine, alcohol and sugar, so I try to avoid those. I find ginger tea extremely soothing, I tend to drink about two cups a day. I also drink a lot of water.


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