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Lying on your back

I had 2 MRI scans last week which involved me lying on my back for an hour and half (with a small break in the middle). I had my knees slightly raised on a rest so that my back was flat not arched and it was absolutely agony on my back within only 10 mins into the scan.

I then realised that I never lie on my back in bed either as after a couple of minutes, it starts to hurt. Something I'd never thought about before. I was wondering if this is endo related? Anybody else with stage 4 RV endo find lying on their back really uncomfortable?

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Hi, I haven't been diagnosed with endo yet but I think I have the symptoms of it and my general gyny thinks it might be. I can't lie on my back either. Just sitting can sometimes be uncomfortable if for a while and also if I stand for a long time that can also cause pain in my back all just above my bum on the same side as where I get my abdominal and pelvic pain. X


Hi Heath77, I also have not yet been diagnosed with Endo, currently awaiting lap, but if I lay on my back it feels like my womb is stretching and going to rip, I get sharp pains across my pelvis and odd pulsing feelings inside my womb area. It is a strange one! K


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