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48hrs after lap!

I had a lap on Monday and was home the same day... I felt a bit sore with some spotting, but last night I noticed it was a bit heavier than spotting but not a heavy as my normal period!! My discharge letter says I have stage 3 endometriosis, my womb is slightly tilted back too. Obv I know they aren't gentle when they are doing it..

I've noticed my skin looks really fresh and pale... Is this normal?

Unfortunately the hospital weren't very good explaining after care...

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It sounds normal to me, everybody recovers differently. I'd say if you feel good everything is fine, if the bleed is joined by a lot of abdominal pain I'd go to the hospital, you can never be to careful xx


The pain hasn't been too bad, just a bit achy and tender when moving around, I presume that's normal though 😏 X

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Yeah I was the same but I had no blood at all if at any point your instinct tells you this isnt right don't hesitate about going to A&E its better safe than sorry xx


Yeah I definitely will x

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