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Hi ladies, in your experience, how long does it take to move to another stage of endo? I've recently been diagnosed with stage 1 which apparently gives quite a good chance for natural conception, but I'd prefer to wait a while longer before trying for a baby... On the other site I'm worried about getting to stage 2 or 3, where it may be harder...

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  • I don't think there is an actual answer to this, you could always stay at stange 1 or could change over a few months, some women have no problem conceiving alot if that depends what and where the endo js and what it's affecting, it's such a hard disease to pin point as there are far too many variations on it, fingers crossed for you, did you gave any endo remoned during lal, or just diagnosed, the best advice anyone can give you is try to get regfered to an endo specialist at a bsge centre rather than a general gyne, x

  • I had 3 kids and wasnt told i had endo till i was i my in my 30s. I dont know if women always have it but i doesnt get worse in some when there older. I wasnt told what stage. I was told things after i had a laparoscopy but cant remember maybe too high on painkillers. If your trying for a baby and its taking along time get your doc to refer you to see a gyno. Docs usually seem to only like helping yove been trying for a couple of years but by the your endo could get worse. So id say ask for a scan to check your womb etc if your in alot of pain and heavy bleeding ask for a lap. They say you have a higher chance of concieving after a lap.

  • thank you for your replies! really helped x

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