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Hi all just wondering if someone can help as I went to see my gynaecologist yesterday this was my first visit since having an operation in February, I knew she removed half my ovary because of a 8.5 cm cyst and that she'd found endo but that was all. She didn't seem like she wanted to go into a lot of detail yesterday but one of the main things for me was to find out what stage the endo was she told me it was stage 4 but again wouldn't tell me what this actually meant just babbled on about how she doesn't like staging endometriosis just either you have it or you don't! she has now discharged me and all if been told is that once I have finished my zoladex injections and haven't managed to conceive within 6 months i can be referred to a fertility clinic but my gp would do this.

I would really like to know what stage 4 actually means and she is right to just leave me to get on with it now?

I hope someone can help, Kelly

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No she isn't, did she remove any apart from what was on the overies, did she tell you where it was? When did you start the zoladex? Did she give you a choice or just tell you you have to have this drug, sounds disgusting the way you have been dealt with,

Now you have been diagnosed with stage 4 endo, you are well within your rights to ask your Gp to be referred to a bsge specialist, if you havnt already, please read Lindles posts, they are very informative and will give you a clear indication of what you need to do now,

Good luck xxx


Hi Kelly - stage 4 will mean that you have some deep disease most likely behind your uterus in what is called the pouch of douglas in association with the endometrioma she removed. Basically this means it has been quite some time developing and requires specialist treatment and not by a general gynaecologist as I assume she is.

She will have sent an operative report to your GP so as a first step can you get a copy of it and any letter she sent. That will indicate exactly where you have it and what was done. In the meantime click on my username and have a look at my posts for more info. Can you private message me when you get the report.


Hi lindle thanks for the advice i will ask for a copy of the letters sent from her and get intouch with you once iv received them.



Hi Kelly - we will be looking at referral to a specialist centre but first need to gather together the facts starting with the surgical reports to establish what your actual situation is. We also need to consider whether you should be taking Zoladex. x


Hi Lindle iv got two more zoladex injections left my next one as on Tuesday morning after I have finished the course I was hoping to try and conceive as I know time is no longer on my side, I will ask for copies of the letters while I'm there Tuesday morning xxx


Hi, I recently discovered I have stage 3 endo at 26, I wasn't happy with the conflicting advise given by my surgeon & then his registra, so I asked my gp to refer me to a specialist BSGE center, you have to push them but my referral is under way now, I just wanted to have a consult with a specialist so they can fully explain my stage, what this means for me fertility wise, and where to go from here. I'm looking forward to seeing someone who knows there stuff!!... I would def ask for a referral if you can xxx


Hi thank you all for your replies, there's been no mention of seeing a specialist but endometriosis was first mentioned 7 years ago and now it's left me thinking if they'd have investigated properly back then would I have been in this situation now.

All i actually know about the operation was that she removed the cyst and part of my ovary and she found endo behind my uterus but when I asked her how this was removed I didn't actually get an answer ( it's quite hard as she's foreign and I don't think she quiet understands what I'm saying).

The morning after my operation I was told I was to have a 6 month course of zoladex but my doctors never received a letter so I ended up just taking the one I was given when leaving hospital and the nurse told me everything it actually said as it was full of medical jargon that I cudnt understand, I wasnt given an option on the zoladex and I had to read up on it myself to actually see what it was.

She did say she would send a letter to my doctors this week for me to be given tablets to help with the hot flushes but that was it.

I feel completely on my own my doctors surgery don't seem to have even heard of endometriosis so I end up telling them about it, I feel like I've been past from pillar to post for the last 8 year and even now I know what it's it's no different.



That appalling that she never told you about this drug, it's quite a strong drug and for her to not tell you that it's job is to put you into a temporary menopause is incompetent at best, get that referral to a specialist ASAP if only to get you away from that so called professional.

Good luck hunnny xxx


Thank you and I will definitely ask to be referred and meet someone who actually knows what their talking about xxx


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