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Endometriosis Awareness Week

I think it's great when the media talk about Endometriosis and create awareness for it. It makes endo seem less invisible as I feel it usually does. I know more needs to be done, but It's reassuring to me that there are people out there who do know about it, and are talking about it on tv shows, and people will watch it.

It's Endometriosis Awareness Week, and today they spoke about it on Lorraine :)


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I saw this on Lorraine this morning which led me to finding this forum and joining, and I've already spoken to some amazing women today and don't feel so alone any more with my suffering from endo. I've also shared the story from Lorraine via facebook as well as posts about Endometriosis Awareness Week.


Ah that's great. I'm glad you've found the forum and don't feel so alone anymore

I was wondering, how long did the Endo discussion last on Lorraine? Because I watched about 3 minutes of it, then it stopped. But I feel like maybe I didn't watch the full video.


It did only last about 3 minutes but it discussed symptoms of endo that people have get who aren't aware of what they might have. It mentioned endometriosis awareness week and it's website for people to go on for more information.


Ah ok, then yeah I watched the full video. But yeah it was very informative


Don't mean to high jack your post, I had my story published in my local paper. I know it isn't much, and not a national paper.

But I thought every little helps, and if I am ever lucky enough to have a child and if I am blessed with a daughter there is a strong chance I will pass this on to her. (My mum also has endo, as does my auntie, and cousin).

Endo needs to be more widely known to help others get diagnosed quicker. I was diagnosed very quickly because I knew what it was. But for years I didn't go to see a doctor because I was scared they would tell me it was normal.

Glad to see media coverage on telly x


That's great that you had your story published in your local paper. Good for you. And yeah I agree, Endo definitely needs to be known by more people :)


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