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Finally I have got somewhere!!

Good morning ladies! Hope your all as well as can be!

Just wanted to share my news with you all and let you know there is hope!

I went to see my consultant yesterday and after nearly 3 years of pain and various treatment plans he has decided that I need a full hysterectomy! I know I am only 30 but I could not be happier with the news! I can finally see and end to the debilitating pain! There is hope out there ladies you just have to find the right consultant for you!

Thanks for listening! Xx

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Congratulations! Thanks for letting us know x

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Why did he decide that, if you don't mind me asking?


Have you been seen by a endo specialist at a bsge centre????


Hi, Thank-you for your post as your story sounds similar to mine. I'm still waiting for my appointment for a hysterectomy, which I'm totally nervous about, but after 3 years of agony, blood transfusions and a lack of life due to extreme heavy painful periods that last 10-20 days, i just want my life back.

May i ask how you're feeling after your hysterectomy? Will you be able to exercise? More importantly has your pain gone? I do hope you're alright and your recovery is going well. Any advise or details about your recovery would be greatly appreciated.

Also may i ask the ladies out there if you get your energy comes back after a hysterectomy? I have Andenomyosis with a huge womb/uterus that sticks out like a beach ball that gets really hard & painful.....( hopefully keeping my ovaries), does the belly go down after the opp?

Thanks again for your time & help.

All the best in a fast and healthy recovery😊


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