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Bright red blood on bowel movement?

Hello, I am currently taking the pill in three monthly cycles to calm symptoms whilst I finish my last year of uni as the dr believes endo could have spread to my bowels. During my break I've had the usual stabbing pains that go up the rectum but yesterday I went to the loo and bright red blood filled the toilet. I do not have piles or anything like that, does anyone know if this could be endo related? I often have cyclical bowel/rectal pain but I have never experienced this before. many thanks!

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Is this still happening hun? I think you should go to the hospital or doctors, I have endo and I'm about to have another op to remove it (this time from my bowel) and its caused all sorts of problems but the bleeding side comes with my period where I'll bleed from both places.. yours seems too much too sudden, I may be wrong I just hope you get it checked out xx


Thank you. It only happened the once, I've been bleeding as normal since but I definitely will go to the Drs. Thank you for your advice, I really appreciate it!! X

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