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Prostrap / zoladex? Whilst waiting for surgery with endometriomas

Hey. Ladies, wanted some advice. Currently waiting for surgery to remove endo and endometriomas. But been told the waiting list is upto 6 months. Pain is quite bad already, but still able to do my part time job.... Just.

I have 4x endo cysts on my right ovary. (Ranging from 2cm to 3.5cm each) 4 months ago I only had 1x 3.5cm. So I know they have multiplied and are growing fairly quickly.

I have to do something in the meantime to minimise the growth and pain. I don't want to go on zoladex/ pro strap but have no others choices I fear.

Please share your experiences of how it's helped / reduced cysts/ stopped them growing! But equally please share if these didn't help.

I've done zoladex before and it was quite good fo me, but it's such a strong drug I worry about long term effects... I already have chronic fatigue syndrome and chronic nerve pain

Thanks x

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I had decapeptyl (I think) before my op and I didn't find that as bad as zoladex. It was one injection that lasted 3 months. Zoladex made me quite emotional/ tearful.


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