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What happens now

Hello Ladies I had a lap end of Jan to remove a cyst and for diagnosis to which I got told last week it is endometriosis. I have an appointment with my gynaecologist on Thursday and I would like to know what happens next with grading and treat ment etc I have also had the marina ciol and was also wondering how effective it was for the endometriosis x

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Iv had 2 surgeries to lazer it off, there are also shots every few months you can get, I do infusion & physical therapy also take birth control, there's many ways to treat it but nothing to cure it. Hope everything goes well.


Thank u, I see my consultant tomorrow so hopefully I will know more, it's just before hand he seemed vague maybe because he didn't have answers but I shall see tomorrow. Take care x

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Hi, I have had to surgeries to remove the endo and the second time I was fitting with the mirena coil, I have found it fairly good, the best compared to every other hormone/birth control I have taken. I had it fitted two years ago now, and it's only really recently that the pain has started to get really awful again.

Everyone is different though, I hope this helps x


Hope everything went well!


Hiya no it didn't go as I thought and I'm actually more confused & upset I was told by my consultant after my lap endo was found in my tubes and removed but they were badly scared & I can't have anymore children and that my ovaries and tubes were stuck together because of the endo and the Marina ciol was put it to manage the endo and today I didn't see my actual consultant I saw his under study and she said I had mild scaring which was removed which is different to what my actual consultant said she said again about my tubes & ovaries being stuck together and then said when I want to start a family I would need aid conceiving to which I said start a family I have 3 children already and she was surprised and when I asked what else could be done to manage the endo she said none was found and has discharged me. I left feeling so confused I don't want to sound dramatic but this has been going on years and it's effected my life so badly with the pain, tiredness and just my state of mind I just don't know what to do and now I'm not going to get any help X


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