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So annoyed! Has anyone else experienced this?

Hello ladies :)

I was internally examined 4 weeks ago as I was in a lot of pain, when they touched my cervix it really was painful, they treated me for infection but the pain has never gone away, if I wipe myself too hard or walk/stand about the pain just builds up, is this endo? Has anybody else had this? Despite continuously calling my doctors today waiting on a phone call from my GP I never had a call 😡 So would just like some reassurance until I can sort something tomorrow


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Hiya, this sounds like how my endo was diagnosed. I had pain similar to this after a D&C after a miscarriage. Many (painful) internal examinations later and a CT scan I had a laparoscopy done which showed stage 3 endometriosis. I also found sitting down felt like someone stabbed a knife into my cervix. Don't let yourself get fobbed off, if you are in pain, something is wrong.


talk to another doctor.

I had to create a file of things at home. I printed off symptom checklists and all sorts of evidence, family trees, medical history etc. Turned up at my doctors and chucked the file on the table. That day I was referred to gynaecology. Even then i wasnt listened to until my mum came with me. Gyane claimed i hadnt told her any of this info before!

Are you quite young? I am 22 and have been fighting this for 6 years. It seems that the younger you are/ the younger your symptoms are, the less attention you get.

I'd write a journal too. Food, bowel movements, drink, sleep, menstrual cycle everything for 3 months. then you can say you have tried to work it out yourself but there is no link.

Sounds annoying but if you show you arent going to be messed around they seem to listen to you more xx


I'm 28, was diagnosed nearly 2 years ago and currently waiting for my zoladex injections to kick in. I'm struggling with the fact every time I go out shopping, go for a walk, basically leave the house my pain gets so bad I then can't move and feel so sick. I spoke to a doctor Friday night and they diagnosed me with naproxen. I'm hoping once the injections kick in I'll be fine and then be referred to a endo specialist. It's so constant would kind of like a break from it all lol. I'm definitely going to write a journal and keep note of things see how it goes

Thank you xx


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