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Well do I have it or not?!

Just back from an 8am laparoscopy to diagnose and treat any endo. I've been in terrible pain daily for over a year, horrid periods and general other symptoms. After I'd come round from my operation, the consultant told me that he couldn't see any Endo but wasnt discounting I had it, as it could be microscopic.. After Id had a cup of tea and some food, the nurse went through my operation notes and read that i had had some endo removed. Im very confused.

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Hi that is very confusing, if he couldn't see any endo then how could he remove it. Did you have your laparoscopy through a general gynaecologist?


Yes, at a local hospital. It wasnt one of the registerd centres. I'll see how I am after recovering from this and take yet another trip to my GP


Yeah I would ask to see the report that they get sent then say you'd like a referral to a endo centre. Take things easy and don't over do it. Get plenty of rest. Take care

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