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I asked for help and the health service failed me

Hi everyone.

I was recently asked to put together a 1 minute video about my experience with endometriosis, this was a deceptively difficult task. How do you some 13 years of anger, frustration, rejection, sadness, loss and struggle into 1 minute? After writing and rewriting many many many drafts I created a brief synopsis that captures some of my endometriosis journey. I did go over my 1 minute quota but I am happy with the result.

Please watch the video @ facebook.com/theendodiary and share your experiences.

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hi there reen_bean i fully understand how pain gets to you, i don't suffer from Endometriosis but have many other illness that causes me pain and after 44 years of this you do get fed up so i just want you to know my thoughts are with you, if that helps or not, at least you know that somewhere in our country someone is thinking about you, take care Alan xx

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Thanks Alan. It's difficult but knowing you're not alone in your experience is oddly comforting.xx


hi there Reen_bean your most welcome, anytime i can help you, you know where i am and just to let you know my age i'm 49 next, its just to let you know your not a lone in suffering take care speak to you soon Alan xx


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