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Ovarian remnant syndrome

Hi! I posted about a week ago asking if endo can come back. Well I finally went and got xray, blood drawn, urine sample and ct scan because I was in so much pain. They suspected kidney stones. There was blood in my urine. My ct scan showed a cyst on my right ovary......I don't have ovaries.....so as I was reading up on it, o seen some similar cases saying its ovarian remnant syndrome where your ovary regenerates because a piece was left behind. Has anyone had this happen???

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Yes, I have confirmed Ovarian Remnant Syndrome. Actually grew to size of 'normal' ovary in two months time (post oopherectomy). Very painful and I also have blood in urine and horrid low back pain. Just had surgery to remove it and pelvic 'wallpaper'. Mine was twice as big as normal ovary and was being supplied by the artery that was formerly for the uterus. I had an oncologist remove it, they basically do same surgery as for ovarian cancer. Si hoping it doesn't come back. Doctor told me no HRT. We'll see...


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