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I've finally got my date the 19th Feb to go in and have a lap after months and months of pain endless scans etc . I've had a hysterectomy 5 years ago left my overies in thou , they scans have shown cysts on both of the overies , and endometriosis has been mentioned as well . But then my consultant said this lap might now show anything surly if my scans , ultra sound scan have shown things .. the lap will am a bit scared of having it even though I've had keyhole for having my gallbladder out anybody know if it's the same sort of op ?? Am getting my self in a right stress ... all I want is answers of my doctors

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Hi Loulaura,

I had a Lap in Sept 15 - in part as diagnosis and in part to remove my right ovary which had an cyst. The operation was just an in and out day job. I was operated on around 10 and then discharged around 5pm. The healing process was fine - I had no real pain and the three small incisions healed up without any problems. I reckon the process is pretty similar to what you have experienced before. The positive outcome is that your reassured by having someone confirm whats going on - its the gold standard procedure to identify endo and by taking a biopsy of whatever they remove you can be reassured hopefully that there's nothing more serious going on in there. Look after yourself and I hope your op goes well. Take care.


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