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3rd referral, 3rd consultant!

Morning all,

I had my last lap back in March 2015 of which I had severe adhesions removed and coil inserted. 5 weeks later the coil expelled itself and after 3 failed attempts of inserting a new coil my GP has given up trying herself.

Alongside this, I am also riddled with pain again; if anything it is worse than it has ever been. Complete stabbing pain of the left pelvis to the point where I have collapsed in work on 2 occasions. I have also been physically sick and my bowel motions are sporadic to say the least!

With all this going on my GP has referred me back to Gyne, yet this time I am under 'another' consultant! I really do feel as if I am being passed from pillar to post, when all I want is to feel healthy for more than 2 days a month!

Has anyone else gone through this where they have no relationship with their gyne department and have to start the whole cycle from scratch? I have newly qualified as a teacher and the last thing I want to is go under for another lap, as I seriously feel this is making me worse!

Thanks in advance!


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Hi, you need to be referred to a BSGE centre, where specialist endometriosis gyne surgeons have the appropriate level of training to deal with endo, genral gyne docs often miss endo in certain locations as they havnt had the training required to deal with endometriosis, it is very important you are seen by a specialist.

Good luck



My hospital is one :( I think this time I am seeing the Endo specialist and my GP raves about him. I just hope that he can give some steps before making me go under again!




My GP made the referral to my specific surgeon when my endo flared back up again. You could ask for this? It has made it easier as he (and a bowel surgeon) did the initial surgery and I feel like they are already prepared for my next lot.

I am sorry you are suffering it is a truly awful disease!


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