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This might sound silly but it's been bothering me recently so I'm just looking for advice. I had the mirena coil fitted last year to help with endometriosis and though it took a while to settle, it has and has been great up until now. However recently I've been experience pain symptoms again in the lower abdomen but also in the lower back quite severely. Whilst I was looking up these symptoms, a suggestion showed that pretty much all the symptoms I have relate to ovarian cancer, but also most also appear in endometriosis, however I have never experienced them like this before. I know I am young (19) so there is a low chance of it being anything other than endometriosis but I'm not sure what to do next? Advice please!!

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Go to your GP and ask for a blood test, this will show a high level of c125, so could rule out cancer, then as you gave already been diagnosed with endo, ask to be referred to a BSGE centre and be seen by a specialist endo doc,

Have you ever had surgery for your endo?




Yeah I've had two laparoscopys now, the most recent one being last year x


Hi it's very unlikely to be ovarian cancer. When I first diagnosed last year I had an 11cm endometrioma and because I didn't know much about endo I was really scared that my symptoms were due to cancer. Have you had a lap at all? If you have they would have told you if there was any signs of cancer. Please don't worry. It could just be that the coil is not working for you any more.


Hi, yeah Ive had two laps, the most recent one being last year but I don't understand how anything could have developed or got worse in that time 😨


I had a lap 7 months ago all my symptoms are back and I've basically been told it's the endo again. A lap isn't a cure for endo and the scar tissue left is a perfect breeding ground for it. X



Can you still feel the strings from your coil?

I've had two coils, one was in my cervix and one is currently MIA! Awaiting scan to see what's going off...

Anyway if it's come out or isn't sitting correctly it might be allowing your symptoms to come through.

I'd get it checked xxxx


I would second what Tboag said, get yourself referred to an endo accredited hospital listed on the BSGE website.

I only had my coil fitted a month ago and I was getting awful backache and pain down there. And as soon as I told my endo nurse she recommended an ultrasound scan just to check on the coil. And that put my mind at rest.

You're not overreacting to the fact you have pain. And need to be seen by a doctor. But that pain could be anything, googling is never a good idea and I know most of us are guilty of it!


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