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Lap confirmed retrograde menstration but no active signs of endo? Anyone heard of this?

I had my lap two weeks ago tomorrow and just received the letter from the surgeon to my doctor.

It says he found retrograde menstration which is one of the main causes of endo but no active endo?

Could anyone give me a bit more advice? Could I be at risk of developing endo? Could he of missed deep endo?

I am at a loose end because would this cause pain and periods lasting over two weeks a month?


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Hi - retrograde menstruation just describes a fairly normal biological process whereby menstrual blood backs up through the fallopian tubes and enters the pelvic cavity. It is thought that most women probably experience this at some time or another. A healthy immune system clears this up through immune cells called macrophages that are abundant in the peritoneal fluid - the fluid that is within the peritoneal cavity. However, in women with endo it has been found that these immune cells function abnormally and actually appear to encourage implantation of these refluxed endometrial cells rather than destroying them. So retrograde menstruation is not a risk factor for endo - it is the as yet unknown immune factor that is. I see in a previous post that you mentioned 'menopause and HRT' Have you been prescribed the injections because if so then you are being treated as having suspected endo. This gynaecologist can't have it both ways.

As a matter of interest how long after your last period ended was the lap done?

Looking at your descriptions of pain you sound very likely to have had hidden endo missed. Where in the UK are you?

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Thank you for the information. It would of been very helpful if the surgeon discussed it with me like you did!

The GP wants to put me now on back to back contraceptive pill to stop my periods all together. I am living in Wiltshire in UK.

He didn't specialise in endo but specialises more with other gyna problems.

I still have no answered as to why my periods can last up to 20 days and other months miss it all together, I do feel like I'm in the dark with this all. And the pain must relate to these issues?


Hi - I'm sorry I didn't reply but don't seem to have received a notification. Irregular periods will be the result of a hormone imbalance and the pill may help with this. Hormone imbalance does underlie endo but it doesn't necessarily mean you have it since endo involves immune as well as endocrine dysfunction. Many women have menstrual dysfunction without necessarily having endo. What other symptoms do you have, especially pain, as this will give a better indication? As you are in England you can exercise your right to see any specialist you want for a second opinion. Have a look at my post on how to find a specialist. x


Thankyou that's not a problem.

During my periods when I get one I get horrendous cramps but also get them before and after my period for a week or so. My periods can last between 15/20 days at a time. I also suffer from hot flushes but considering I am under 30 and have had no children it's nothing to do with menopause. I also suffer with a low dull ache in my lower back almost on the sides of my hips. Mostly on the left hand side and down my leg around my period week. I will have a look at your posts regarding specialists. Thanks again x


Do you have any bowel symptoms - IBS type?


Constantly! I suffer with nausea pretty much all the time, bloating, constipation and diarrhea and flatulence. The doctor mentioned it was probably IBS


Yes, that is par for the course in terms of a mis diagnosis. I am out for the rest of the day but have a look at my post on rectovaginal endo too in view of your left sided pain involving your leg. Will be back later. x

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