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Feeling so happy 😊

Hi everyone, went for my appointment at stepping hill yesterday and they offered me next Thursday 4th Feb for my joint op on bowel and removal of all endometriosis, ovaries, tubes, and cervix. They also want me to have an urgent cystoscopy as my bladder is so bad. I'm feeling absolutely elated as this has been such a long emotional journey and at aged 41 I can maybe stat having a normal life. Ps has anyone had a cystoscopy done and could let me know what they do. Many thanks a very happy lady 😃 xx

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WOW, what fabulous news, I bet your on top of the world, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, what are they planning on bowel,

I've had a cystoscopy and it's a simple procedure, dosnt hurt abit, I had 2 nurses in the room with me and we was talking about firemen calendar s and it was done and I didn't even know, just a thin camera up via ureter to see inside bladder,

Will they be operating on bladder too?



Hiya thanks for the reply. Not sure if they're going to operate on my bladder but because my incontinence is so bad they're investigating it. I have widespread endometriosis on my bowel and it's stuck to my right ovary, it also has an acute bend further up and has collapsed so they may have to do a resection, I'm meeting the stoma nurses tomorrow to be marked up. Never thought I would be looking forward to surgery but I can not wait 😃


I know what you mean, I've had 2 ops last year and think I'll need another, and I can't wait, it's strang but, it's only us who know how bad we feel, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.


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Thankyou so much hunni xx


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