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Hi everyone, i really need advice. I just had a laparoscopy to remove severe endometriosis. I had chocolate cysts, endo infront and behind my uterus on my ovaries, you name it, the only good thing was that my fallopian tubes were not blocked.

I just turned 32 and not really ready for kids but my gynae has informed me that i have a window of one year to fall pregnant naturally incase the endo comes back, I'm married and now that i know i may struggle to fall pregnant it has made me realise how much i want kids, so this experience has been life changing so to say.....but here's the thing. My best friend and i already booked a 1 month trip for the end of April to the USA ( we have wanted to do this for 20 years and it finally worked out) i really, really want to go BUT with all this going on i feel i am wasting 4 months of falling pregnant. I don't want to travel whilst being pregnant either. My husband is not happy with me going at all and i sort of feel i should leave things up to fate...if i fall pregnant i will cancel my trip and if i don't then what is the harm in me going? I'm not sure when I'll get to go again but am i really stupid to want to go?

What would you do?

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I would never put my life on hold for anything! I am not entirely sure how the doctor can give you a definitive time frame either! How could they possibly know for sure?? I was told not to TTC for 12 months after my op to give myself chance to heal!!

If you are not ready for children (I am the same age as you and not ready either) then don't force something because one doctor said it. In all honesty I'm not sure any of them really know much for certain!!

Bottom line, do what is right for you, if you need more information to help you make the decision get a second opinion, it wouldn't hurt to.

Best of luck xx

Thanks Elwood for taking the time to reply. I have seen two gynaes and they have both said the same thing about me trying for kids ASAP in my condition. It kind of puts the pressure on.

I think whatever is destined for me will happen, I'm not going to try to fall pregnant but I'm not going to rule it out before my trip either, i just hope it's a perfect world and im able to fall pregnant after my trip.

Thanks again xx

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