Hope on the horizon!

Hi. I had a laparoscopy back in October where I was diagnosed with endometriosis. I have been to see my gynecologist today and seen the images. I am being referred to an endometriosis specialist at Worcester and should see him in the next six weeks. I am hoping then I won't have to wait too long for an operation to sort my insides out. I now just have to cope with the pain whilst I wait. I do have to say I am pleased my gynecologist has referred me to the endo specialist without me having to ask. I know I will be in good hands but hate waiting!

Well I wait with baited breath for the appointment to come through! I'll keep you posted.

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  • That's good news . Good luck

  • That's great news,

    Where was the endo found,


  • Hi Tboag. They showed me images and it seemed well spread but the worst part was a ligament behind my womb. The notes did appear to suggest my bowel and bladder were clear but when diagnosed I was told he was surprised I wasn't in more pain than I had been. He did laser some but he wasn't surprised it hadn't helped my symptoms.

  • Hi I am in the same situation, I was diagnosed with stage 4 endo involving my bowel and i am waiting to see the endo specialist. I am trying to cope with the pain and really hope that the endo specialist will have some positive news and I can get some of the endo removed.

    Let me know how things go xx

  • Will do! Hope you get sorted soon too x x it's hard being in pain all the time. That's what gets me down the most x x

  • Know just what you mean, I find the constant pain is really wearing xx

  • Hi, do you mind me asking is the endometriosis specialist at worcester Royal hospital? And do you know their name?

  • Yes Liz I was pleased it was so close. His name is Mr Hughes. Hope this helps. There is also a second Dr but apparently he is based at Kidderminster.

  • I was told there are no endometriosis specialists at Worcester hospital. Only gynaecologists who know about endometriosis in the more typical places like pelvic wall, etc if in trickier places like bowel etc they have to refer you to women's hospital in Birmingham. Very confused. Is he a private doctor?

  • It's also not classed as an endometriosis specialist centre. I double checked through the link on 'lindle's' profile. Weird.

  • Finally have an appointment to see Dr on Wednesday. Had to fill in a pain assessment which luckily came when I was on a second day off due to the worst flare up in a while. This will give him a really good insight into how bad things can get. I'll keep you posted on what happens x x

  • That's good to hear. I see that worcester has now become a specialist centre. I do not know why I wasn't referred to that part of the hospital instead of general gynaecologist. Hope all goes well.

  • I've read that too. Today's the day so I'll let you know how I get on! Xx

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