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Soooooo hacked off

Really fed up came on this morning no pain only slight bleeding wonderful I thought only to be caught out at tea time by a flood and pain that I can't even describe I honestly thought my hoo Haa was gonna explode to which my wonderful caring partner replied oh here we go again he doesn't get that I can't help it I don't want it and certainly don't need it my sympathetic Dr just keeps chucking codiene at me and says she can't give me anything stronger (may as well take smarties for all the good they do ) am currently waiting for another gynaecology appt but seems there's no rush I very nearly rang an ambulance earlier the pain was that bad feel so low and fed up I'm currently curled up in bed with a hot water bottle dosed up on painkillers xxx ps sorry for the rant

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Sorry to hear your having such a shit time. Have you ever tried tramadol? I find they are slightly better than codeine so may be worth a go?

Also, I've just been put on dual contraception (coil and pill) and so far (one month on) I haven't had a period and only slight pain for a few days. Anything is worth a try whilst waiting for a gynae appt.

Hope you feel better soon xxx


Have had tramadol b4 and whilst they helped with the pain the side effects were awful I was sick as a dog convinced something was crawling over me hallucinating migraines so go took me off them I'm currently taking 60mg codeine nefopam and transamanexic acid but none help I was on depot for 4 years came off that early last year as stopped working I cnt have a coil fitted as I don't have much cervix left Iv had quite a few treatments for preparing cancerous cells and again the pill did nothing to help I'm hoping that gynaecology will agree to a full hysterectomy x


I have sickness with tramadol too but sometimes i get that desperate I'd rather feel sick.

Have you ever tried the implant? I've got a friend with endo and she has that and the pill and it works for her.

I hope everything works out for you with gynae xx


Codeine and paracetamol are my choice of cocktail today.

Was meant be going out tonight !! Endo is the devil hugs xxx

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Thanks so much hate moaning but it's good to have a rant lol x


Sounds like you're having a really crappy time so rant all you want! Its awful thinking things are ok then it rears its ugly head again.

Im looking in to getting a TENS machine as they are supposed to help, but who knows. Hot water bottles are often my friend x

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