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Advice needed 😢

Hi all,

So I am new here I haven't been too good at opening up to others. So I have chronic pelvic pain and the endo is really causing me more problems over the past 6 months and the last month has become the worst pain wise. Everyday I'm in chronic pain, the doctors have perspire tramadol and accupan but all it does iseem dull the ache. I'm constantly tired but the discomfort and the deep pain is unbearable due to the fact it won't let me sleep 😢. I'm exhausted I physically want to fall asleep my body wants to but because of this I can't. My doctor won't give me sleeping pills and says I am depressed. However I'm not depressed at all during the day I'm fine I can manage but I need my sleep. Please please help I can't live like this. I'm a single mother with zero help and work for myself. It's really starting to affect my life badly.

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Hi, firstly I'm sending a big hug because I know how you feel! It's bad how many people don't get how much endo affects your life. Have you had a laparoscopy? Did it remove any endo? If doc says you're depressed could he arrange for you to have any time off work or see a counsellor? Xx


Have you tried a TENS machine? They can help a bit, helps me to get off to sleep sometimes when painkillers aren't enough.

Hope you find something that works for you xx


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