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Weight gain?

Hi, just wondered if anyone else has piled on lots of weight post op?

I had a shoulder op the start of Sept (non related but a big op), a diagnostic lap end of Sept and then another laptop remove extensive endo mid October. I'm on no meds other than cocodomol though.

Feeling I've been permanently recovering! I've read that endo cells produce oestrogen, fat cells also produce oestrogen - I was wondering if there is any link? Does suddenly removing a big chunk of oestrogen out of your body suddenly imbalance your hormones?

I'm thinking I've prob just comfort eaten far too much and exercised far too little sitting at home feeling sorry for myself during it all, but would be nice to know if there is a medical cause worth seeing the doctor about as I've gone up 2-3 dress sizes :-(


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Hi, at the beginning of the year I was 103 lbs. I've had 2 ops this year a few months apart. Now, I'm 131 lbs (I went up 4 sizes in my jeans) :( For me it was a combo of treatments gone wrong, not feeling well, less exercise and just feeling sad too. It's been a tough year. I didn't know fat cells produced oestrogen, probably why I feel much worse too.

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