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CA125 test

I have a post below about my symptoms etc but basically I am being diagnosed with IBS. I really don't think this is the case but I've had an ultrasound which shown clear. I've had various blood tests done but only learned today they hadn't done the CA125 which primarily tests for ovarian cancer however levels of this can also be found in women with endometriosis.

Has anyone had this test done and what was the process/results?

Many thanks

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If you do gave endo, it would not show up on a scan, possible an MRI might show some types of endo , how are your periods, and sex,

I would suggest you get referred to gyne,

Good luck xxx

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I was on the implant for two years where I didn't have any periods until September and then went on the mini-pill and I had one maybe withdrawal period and now nothing for two months. Since coming off the implant all these things have gone wrong.

I asked for gyne referral but my GP insisted he referred to gastro first :-( xx


It makes me laugh, when I first started investigating my pains, that I'd had for a while, they found a kidney stone, and I knew and all the docs agreed that it wasn't causing my pain, but they would proceed with the investigation until the stone had past, so they gave me liphotripsie something like that lol, and it past, only then would they pass me to gyne,

Just keep on there case until you get your answers

Good luck hunny



I had ca125 when I had ovarian cyst. It was just a normal blood test. Results were elevated but Drs weren't surprised


Hey, yeah I had this test done when I was being investigated for endo. I had very high levels, but I also had huge ovarian cysts. The blood work was repeated post surgery and had returned to normal once the cyst was removed.

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I had my CA 125 level checked to determine whether the large cyst in my ovary was cancerous or not. I was told that my levels were normal, and when I had surgery to drain the cyst, they biopsied it and fortunately confirmed it was not cancerous, "just" an endometrioma. What my doctor said was that CA 125 levels may be elevated due to endometriosis, but that they're not generally as elevated as with ovarian cancer. But I have stage IV endometriosis and evidently my levels weren't elevated. When you find out what your levels are I'd ask your doctor what s/he thinks the numbers mean for you.


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