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I am 19 years old, 4 months ago I had a pain in my lower abdomen and it affected my hips and legs so excrushiating I went in the next day to hospital to have a ct just in case it was appendix. Clear results, and the pain continued.within that week I also had a period but along with constipation and major hip and leg pain even after the cycle ended. I didn't think anything about the constipation abnormalities consider I have ibs but wasn't having that much of trouble going until pain started, but now I am concern because I still have constant hip and leg pain that comes and goes and constipation has worsened to where a supppositorys didn't even work, I feel like I need to go but cant. I also have painful Heavy periods with clot flow, it never concerned me because I just thought that's how a period worked and considering I started at 14 I just thought painful cramping and clots were just apart of my period. Come to find out my mother and her mother had Endometriosis in the past and now have there uteruses out. I haven't been to doctor yet and whenever I tell people they just try and blow it off as maybe something else I'm really concerned with my symptoms and the fact of family history. Can anyone tell me if these symptoms do sound like Endo, or any tips on what to do thank u

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Hi, I believe that if endo runs in your family you are more likely to have it. I'm learning more and more, don't worry of what others think. Only you know your pain. Listen to your body and trust your gut. I have endo but I haven't really experienced leg pain, but I've had occasional numbness in my legs though. I have major "hip" or pelvic pain. I would go see a doctor. Good luck :)


Yea, I've looked into it a little bit and heard it was hereditary as well that's why I've been so concerned even especially if I'm having pretty much all symtoms, I am definitely gonna get looked at thank u:)

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Hi, it does sound like it could be endo, I get leg pain and hot aches at top of legs,

I would go to your gp, have a look at the BSGE list and ask to be referred direct to a specialist, if your family have it, hopefully your gp will send you to one,

Good luck xx


Hi - yes, there are strong familial links and your symptoms suggest that you could have rectovaginal endometriosis. Click on my name and look at my post on it to see if you identify. I'm not sure how the system works in the US with regard to seeing a 'proper' specialist but it will be important that your first lap is done by someone with experience of endo who understands deep nodular endo and the ways to identify it as well as that affecting the peritoneum. x


Sorry you're suffering, if your mum and her mother had endo then you are at a higher chance of also having it.

My mum, and her mother also had endo. As well as my Auntie and cousin (on my mums side). I always had heavy, long periodstory with clots. And I found on the first day of my bleed I would be violently sick. The first few times I put it down to food poisoning.. turns out I had endo.

Your doctor should take you more seriously seeing as it seems to run in your family.

What does your mum say? Are your symptoms similar to what she had before?


Pain radiating down the leg, especially the front of the leg, can come from the ovary, like an ovarian cyst. In my experience it starts in the lower pelvis just to the inside of the hip bone, and shoots down the front of the leg. Usually either the left or right side hurts at a time.

You are young and you have time and there is so much treatment you can do, so that is really hopeful. Pelvic pain can be absolutely bewildering, so I suggest the most important thing you can do now is focus on finding information. Look for the best doctor you can, who has experience and can discuss all your questions. There are endo specialists who have websites and books, and those are very good sources.


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