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Endo after laparoscopy and baby

Hi I had a lap after years of going back and forth to the gp with painful periods , left side pains , feeling drained throughout the month not just at my period all which were resulting in loosing time at work . Well it wasn't until I had been trying for a baby with no joy for a few years that I was referred to the hospital for an ultrasound which showed cysts when I was referred for a lap and a dye test. In the follow up after the lap I was told that they did remove old endometriosis and because I wanted to conceive pain relief was my only option now. Well I had a course of IVF treatment. And am after so long of waiting a very proud mammy . My baby is 6 months old now and I'm breastfeeding and so am yet to return to having my periods but am every so often getting those old and familiar pains in my left side and leg which woke and kept me up last night and milder period pain sensations. my question is has anyone had a similar thing after a baby ? I'm wondering whether I'm to expect a return to the pain again and because I did have endo tissue removed whether it's likely to come back? Any one with any advice.... Sorry for long post!

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Hi -unfortunately pregnancy doesn't cure endo and it will come back after unless it was very mild and resolved spontaneously. The pains you describe suggest that yours is well established and will need more thorough treatment in a specialist centre. Can you click on my name and have a look at my post on rectovaginal endo that can give the symptoms you have and the one on how to find a specialist.


I had this after I had my son two years ago I was the same going backwards and forwards to the gp and never getting anywhere it wasn't till I ended up in hospital three times with lower left stomach pain and feeling drained that they decided to do a lap in January this year and they found enfo in my womb and aheadions had joined my pouch of Douglas to my womb but I'm still suffering from pelvic pain im due to see a consultant that.deals with endometriosis and laprostopy surgery in January so see what happens xx


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