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Endometriosis fatigue

Hi, was wondering if anyone could give me any advice. I have two cysts and endometriosis which is expected to be severe however I am on a waiting list for the keyhole surgery and that can take over a year and so until then I need some help with managing my symptoms. It appears that secondary to the pain is my extreme fatigue, I've never felt anything like it, it's constant, all the time. Some days I phsically don't feel that I can get out of bed and no matter how much sleep or coffee intake it remains this way. Is this normal for other endo sufferers too? Does anyone have any advice? I have so much university coursework and I feel I am missing valuable time in doing them due to this.

Any advice would be really appreciated! Thank you! :)

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I have fatigue with endo it is extreme sometimes, I just fall asleep all the time, I have to work to pay the bills, working full time then getting home and just falling asleep on the sofa then I go bed and sleep the whole night etc, it is like being unconscious sometimes I just cant peel my eyes open.

it is very normal and unfortunately part of the decease.

it also lowers your immune systems, I have been so poorly the last 4 mths with bugs and viruses.

I cant really advise anything but your not alone



I don't really have a miracle solution, I wish I did because I need it too! But for over half a year I have been taking vitamin supplements. I take vitamin C, B complex and D. And also a gummy multi vitamin (I'm not too good with swallowing tablets lol)

Maybe you should add some vitamins to your diet. Those barocca (sorry don't know how to spell it) things you dissolve in water.

Other than that get plenty of rest. I work Monday to Friday in an office and I find by Saturday all I can do is stay at home and recharge my batteries.


I've been drinking aloe Vera drinking gel and subsequently started working for the company, it's given me loads more energy, and cleared my skin up, if you would like the details message me, xxx


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