Antidepressants... Citralopram?

Hi everyone, I'm wondering if anyone has used or is using an antidepressant. I was diagnosed with endo in June and feel I can't cope. Panic, anxiety and depression have taken over and I've got to the point of not wanting to leave the house. I feel desperate for some help but haven't been able to get any so am thinking of antidepressants to help me cope xxxx any advice would be appreciated xxx

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  • hi there i'm so sorry about your illness i don't suffer from Endometriosis , but i do suffer from depression and the one thing i'm on and it works for me and that is Fluoxetine 20mg capsules. i don't know whether this will do you for what your suffering but you can ask your doctor if these are ok for you like i say they have worked for me but not for everyone hope this helps take care Alan xx

  • Hi Alan, thank you for ur reply. It's depression, anxiety and panic that I've been getting due to my illness I think. Doctor pescribed me low dose citralopram but I feel scared to take as I've heard side effects of antidepressants can be horrible? X

  • hi Amber may i say that if i could what the side effects say i'd never take any tablet, the amount of tablet's that i have to take because of all the problems i have to copy with you would be shocked plus i'm on to insulin injections three times a day. the only advice is have a talk to your doctor like you i suffer from depression, Anxiety, and panic attacks, but that's only three things i have to cope with, if i told you the rest, well i don't want to think how you would feel if you are the same as me. but one thing i can say i'm here if for you anytime for advice and as a friend take care Alan xx

  • Hi Amber, so sorry to read about what you're going through. I too have had endometriosis, and have taken citralopram in the past which I did very well with. I'm currently taking a low dose of Sertraline, mainly for anxiety but it helps with the depression too. I see from your reply to Alan that you have been given a prescription for Citralopram but are nervous to take it. I don't blame you -- I was the same way!

    But what I will say is, having been through it twice now with 2 different drugs, that if you do have side effects, they pass. Remember that. One day you just wake up and realise you feel better, and it's amazing. It may take a couple of weeks to kick in, and yes it's not nice if you do get headaches or whatever side effects you might get. But compared to depression and anxiety, and that horrible feeling of not even wanting to leave the house, it's worth getting through those first couple of weeks so you can start to live your life again. At least that was my experience.

    Be kind to yourself -- you're dealing with a lot right now and you wouldn't be human if you weren't struggling emotionally with all of it. I hope you have supportive friends and family to get you through it -- talk to them about how you feel and your concerns about taking the tablets so they can help you through it, and remember we're here to talk to as well. Just keep taking lots of deep breaths and know that you will get through it. Sorry for the long post -- just wanted you to know you're not alone.

    All the best, Kerry xx

  • Dont apologise for a long reply, I really appreciate your advice, it honestly means so much.

    As Alan said if we went by the written side effects we prob wouldn't take anything so I suppose I should just try them, I feel I've lost everything already so what else can I lose by taking them.

    I do feel that because I feel so anxious about taking them that I'll be body scanning waiting for the side effects, I'm such a silly worrier.

    Can I ask when you think the best time to take them is, night or morning with or without food x

  • You are NOT a silly worrier! What you're going through is very very real, and incredibly difficult. Depression and anxiety are natural reactions to some extent, but then sometimes they just take over and make everything that much worse -- you lose your ability to cope with the thing that set you off in the first place. And even the most well-meaning of friends and family members can be like, oh you'll get over it, it's not that big a deal, you just need to decide to feel better. Like it's that easy. It's maddening.

    I love the expression "body scanning" -- that's exactly what I do! I just didn't have a name for it. I just had my first round of chemo a couple of weeks ago and I was paralysed with thoughts of: WHAT'S THAT? AM I DYING? Total total panic overload. So I totally get it. Yes, you will do that with every little ping and twitch you feel. The good thing is, you know you are going to do it -- so if and when it happens, you must remind yourself that you are body scanning. The anxiety amplifies everything! Be observant of what you are feeling, and say something like, Okay I felt this weird thing - let me give it an hour or so and see how I get on, to see if it's real or if I'm panicking. It sounds daft but it helps just talking yourself through one moment at a time.

    I also find that anything that keeps my mind occupied for a while helps: those colouring books you see everywhere now, playing games on my iPad or building Lego (yes I'm a giant nerd), or binge watching my favourite shows on Netflix -- redirect your thoughts elsewhere with whatever brings you comfort.

    As to when you take the tablets - I believe the advice is generally to take them in the morning (as for the first few days they could interfere with sleep) and with food, so they don't upset your tum. But I take the Setraline at 4pm and it's fine -- really, I promise you that you will get through this. Some people don't have any side effects at all. Everyone is different and so is each medication. With the Citro, I felt kind of spaced out the first day or two, but honestly that was it. With the Sertraline I felt like hot garbage for 3 weeks. And then suddenly one day I felt great. It was totally worth getting through.

    Here I am going on about it again. If you decide to start tomorrow, or even if you don't, I'm here -- feel free to message me, ok? Take lots of deep breaths and remember you're not alone. xx

  • Hi Amber I'm on these and I've found them a big help. They do give me the shakes but I would rather have that than feeling so desperate. They take about two -three weeks to really kick in. Hope this helps a bit. Good luck

  • I suffered really bad panic attacks, anxiety and depression when I had my little one and was told it's the hormones that's causing it so I was prescribed citlaopram and it worked wonders. This flare up has been continual since the 6th of September and when they suggested the pill to try stop periods and some symptoms I went loopy again too much hormones I have been on citlaopram again for 24 days and I have to say I feel so much better than I did before being on the citlaopram I find now I read the advice label on box that's tells me how much to take and of causes drowsiness or avoid alcohol etc and I never read the leaflet inside as I'd never take a tablet with what the write on them I try it if it doesn't work for me I go back though honestly Hun you will be fine with the citlaopram and try not to think about the side effects I have suffered from no side affects from it though had a read the leaflet I'd be imagining I had this that a the next as I'm a worrier and constantly over think things so try it see how you go and sure you'll be fine here if you need any questions or need a chat take care Hunni you are going so through so much and it ain't easy and the citlaopram will help you cope with things better xxxxxx

  • Thank you for your advice.

    You and the others that have replied have helped settle my mind a lot today.

    Reading that it's normal to feel this is comforting, I keep questioning what is wrong with me and am I losing it.

    I think I'm going to go and get the citroplam and just do it, I want some life back.

    Massive hugs to all of you thank you soooo much, now let's just hope I still feel I can do it when I get to the chemist lol xxxxx

  • I too can agree that they work well - Citalopram is a 'modern' antidepressant with reduced risk of addiction, side effects etc. than most traditional anti-depressants. I thoroughly researched and found that it went through many more and much more vigorous tests and clinical trials before being put on the market so it has been developed really well :)

    I've always suffered with Anxiety but since being diagnosed I get myself into the pain reaction cycle; being in pain = feeling down = not looking after myself properly or getting out and about = pain gets worse = feeling depressed and anxious about health issues = symptoms getting worse etc. I well and truly know the pain is definitely not in our heads but I do think our mindfulness has the power to make the physical pain worse so controlling this and keeping positive is half the battle!

    good luck with it, I really hope you start to feel better soon! xxxx

  • Morning Amber just a wee note to see how you are feeling and to see if you collected your prescription. Take care hopefully speak soon xxxx

  • Morning, I haven't been to collect them. My partner has said he's doesn't want me on them. He is worried about me being dependant on medication, he feels once I'm on them I won't be able to get off them without having problems.....GREAT now my positive mind on taking them has been changed and I feel scared of taking them again : (

    One thing good is I have been allocated a counsellor/therapist through the NHS FINALLY, I have been on waiting list since June, I had therapy before and it did seem to help so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  • sorry to hear this Amber shame as though you ain't enough to worry and think about I understand his worry though citlaopram ain't like that I have been on it 10 years ago when my son was born was for about a year came of it with no problems at all I then was on it again when I had a miscarriage 2009 again for around a year as my depression for some reason seems to be relate to my hormone levels and I'm now on it again and have been for 28 days and my fiancé says I'm back to my normal self so this can only be a good think. hope the therapy works Hunni here if you need anything xxxxx

  • Amber, sorry to hear you are not coping, I don't know if my depression is linked to my Endo but I've suffered with Endo for over ten years and had depression for about the same time. citalopram has been really effective for me but combined with therapy which I've been doing on and off for about 5 years. I did have to go private for this as Nhs waiting times were way too long but found combining the two worked really well.

    I think it's hard for people that haven't or are not going through the illness to understand the desperation for help, all I will say is do what's best for you. I have lived with depression in my family since I was a child and seen its damaging effects. My mum suffered since we were kids if it hadn't been for the medication I'm not sure where we would all be.

    There is a huge stigma attached to anti depressants but not much mention or credit to the benefits it's provides, I got my life back as did my mum to a level of control I didn't have before, if you feel better trying therapy first then do so, but don't dismiss all your options.

    It will get better, big hugs to you.

  • Hi love, sorry if I'm a little late to the party. I was on Citalopram for a good 6 months before switching over to Sertraline (what I'm on now). Cital is good but I was struggling with the headaches as it was exacerbating my 'chronic daily headache'. Joy. Sertraline however seems to have fewer side effects which is fantastic but obviously it's different for everyone. With any SSRI (I've found!) you do end up feeling pretty naff for 6 or so weeks whilst your body adjusts but then it just gets better.. The cloud lifts etc.

    Hope you're feeling a little better soon love. If you need to talk.. *waves* I'm here!

    R x ('long term depression' sufferer)

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