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hi i have finally been diagnosed after 10 years of trying to cope with this, i have tried various tablets/ birth control pills the marina coil, i have tried coming off all meds to see if it will settle on its own, last week the doctor put me on prevera as i had been bleeding for 2 weeks, however i am still bleeding

i also have rhumatoid arthritis and am taking 6 sulfasalazine tablets daily, but the provera is causing bloating flairing up the rhumatoid, i have had to have even more time off work and am struggling to cope,

the doctor has refered me to gynocology but says i wont be seen until at least january, what else can i do i really cannot cope..

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I know someone who takes turmeric for arthritis and swears by it. I also give it to my dog for her arthritis!

You want to avoid the pills and make a fresh paste yourself though. If you go on facebook and look up the turmeric user group they have all the information you need. Turmeric is a natural antiinflamatory. The lady i met was literally crippled with arthritis in her knees but was able to walk with the aid of a walking stick because of the turmeric. I am naturally a sceptic so would never have tried it for my dog if i hadnt met this lady and seen it for myself. My dog no longer needs to take nsaids now shes on turmeric!

The only thing i am not sure about is whethet it works as well for rheumatiod as for osteo arthritis.


Thank you i will try it today, i will let you know how i go on with it.

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