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Feeling discouraged and alone!

I was diagnosed with endo in the abdomen. Every since my life has not been the same. I was always an up beat type of person that's high off life, now I hate my life. I'm in constant pain taken every prescription you can think of with no results. My family and friends don't understand how it feels to be in agony everyday! I know there's no cure! Can someone please lead me in the right direction so I can learn to live with this disease without feeling defeated?

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Oh I wish I could say something encouraging. I feel for you really, my 12 year old son asked me when I was going to be like I used to be. Made me so sad, its a horrid debilitating condition that saps the life from you. Awake 4 times in the night, up at 5 looks like another day of yawning and boiling kettle for water bottle. Please dont feel alone, everyone on here understands and is here to listen.

Just be kind to yourself xx

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My family always ask me what's wrong my only reply is always just in pain. This is a challenge u hope we all overcome thank you for understanding!


You are not alone, I know how you feel and every day is a struggle wondering when life will be better, but im sure one day it will and I try just looking ahead to good times instead of thinking of the pain im in now.

I hope you soon get some relief from this horrible disease


I hope it gets better for us all I just want my life back


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