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feeling lost and forgotten

Hi all, I'll try to keep it short. I had an emergency c section 4 years ago and since then been in pain and discomfort in my opinion I've been fobbed off and had to fight for too long.

A few weeks ago went to see my G.P AGAIN who has now referred me for an ultra sound scan as he now suspects endo.( Reading post on here tho scans don't/can't always pick this up)

I've not heard anything from the hospital regarding the scan, just feels like, hey ho sorry your in pain and this is affecting your daily life, your social and emotional wellbeing but we'll get to you when and if we remember about you.

I've tried contacting the relevant people but to no avail.

Thanks for listening (reading) just feel lost.

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Quite often if a scan shows nothing then it is endo causing the problems. It was in my case. I am getting my official diagnosis via a laparoscopy on friday.

If your scan is clear then your doctor might not even call you back for an appointment so you need to be in the driving seat and push for further action.

Good luck x


I had a emergency c section two years ago and I was the same lower pain in left side of my stomach I kept going to the doctors and said oh it just period pain sent me home but it wasn't just happening at the time of my period it was happening before it one day the pain was so bad I had to get my mum to look after my son and went straight into a&e and they suspected endo or a ovarian cyst so sent me to gynae and they gave me a scan showed a 2cm cyst on right ovary I came home with strong painkillers and seen my gp again cause pain was no better she refered me to gynaecology and got a lap this jan it showed I had aheasions in my pouch of Douglas and endo in my womb but sounds to me that u could have same as me but one of the ladies on here called lindie said that I also had symptoms of rectovaginalendo As my symptoms fit the discription so I clicked on her post about it and really intreasting but trust me do click on it and hope u get sorted soon but please push to get seen by gynae or refered to a endo specialist center in your area hope this helps and stay strong u will get there Hunni xxx


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