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I have requested Cerazete from the doctor to try for suspected endo symptoms can anyone tell me when I start taking it ? The leaflet says to start taking it when my period starts but can I take it straight away ? I'm terrified of my next period due on 31st October as my surgery has withdrawn mefanemic acid as they consider it to be a risk for gastrointestinal health.

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I think it's best to start taking it on the first day of your next period. I have read that you can start taking it up to day 5 of your period. I would advise against starting to take it now because if you do I think there is a higher chance that you'll have spotting bleeding x

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Hello, I started cerazette this month. You can start it whenever you like. For contraceptive reason you won't be covered for up to 7 days if you start it before your period starts. As for spot bleeding, I started it on the first day of my period and then had another period 10 days later. I had to come off this pill earlier this year as I didn't stop bleeding for 2 months but it did, and extremely quickly, take nearly all my pain away. I'm now on strict instruction that I have to take this pill for at least 4 months to give it a chance to build the levels of hormones up which will (hopefully) stop me from having periods. Funnily enough this is also the pill I was on when I fell pregnant with my son (missed 2 pills). Before I had him I didn't have periods from the day I took the first pill and it was AMAZING!

good luck 😊



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